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Real About Worship Ministries International

Our Chief Presiding Prelate & Founder

Our Chief Presiding Prelate & Founder
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Prophet Kortney J. Horton

Founder & Presiding Prelate

Prophet K.J. Horton, born to Prophetess Teresa L. Horton in the city of Longview, Texas, was called into the ministry from birth. He always had the gift of prophecy, not knowing what it was until he grew spiritually. Prophet Horton started his life in Galilee Baptist Church. He loved to sit at the back of the church and pretend that the back of the pew was a piano. But if you back up a little bit, his god-grandfather, Rev. Eddie Templeton, anointed his fingers to play the piano when he was 2 minutes old. He has been playing since the age of about 5 or 6. Prophet Horton is one whom God has sent, appointed, anointed, and "CHOSE" as he would say. Prophet Horton operates in the gift of prophecy not by choice, but because God has that for him to do. When he was around the age of 6, his mother met and later married a Pentecostal preacher by the name of Bishop Petty I. Horton, Sr., Founder, Pastor & Overseer of The Guiding Light Church HVCC of Henderson, TX. He first started his music ministry at The Guiding Light Church. At the age of 8, at the old GLC building, he preached his first sermon entitled, "No Weapon". He wore a little elementary graduation robe for his preaching robe. He served as Minister of Music at GLC for about 6 years and began playing at a family church in Gilmer, TX, New Hope Baptist Church where he also served as Minister of Music for 3 years. He felt a change needed to take place and began playing at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Daingerfield, TX, where he currently attends and Rev. Bertain Bailey is the pastor. In the month of September, of the year 2005, Prophet Horton and Minister Corey Henderson were led by God to start having prayer meetings and Bible Study at Minister Henderson's residence. A couple of weeks later, October 5, 2005, they had a prayer meeting where they laid prostrate before the Lord. There were a few people that were assembled together that night. While listening to "Yes" by Shekinah Glory, they all worshipped God and were true and real about it according to John 4:24. People were being delivered, set free, freed from bondage, whipped by God, and healed. Later after it had simmered and calmed down, they were yet drunk in the Holy Ghost. Prophet Horton got up off of the floor and sat in a chair and God spoke to him and said to tell the people that were assembled that they were RAW. Prophet Horton not knowing what God meant at first, wondered. Then God said, " Tell them that they are REAL ABOUT their WORSHIP". When that prophetic word was loosed into the presence of the people another Holy Ghost riot began. "We are to teach holiness without compromise", said Prophet Horton, which is the theme for Real About Worship.


Personal Thanks

I want to thank God for the anointing and favor that He has given me and all that He had done for me. I want to thank Elder David Reese for 100% support since his commitment to this ministry.  I also want to thank Minister Henderson for his support, Minister Jones for encouragement and reproof when it was needed, Evangelist Barbara Jones for support and commitment, Prophetess Teresa L. Horton (his mother) for staying on me and encouraging me, my father & Spiritual Covering, Bishop Petty I. Horton for the older preacher to younger preach talks and advice, last but not least all of the haters who tried to bring me down, and talked about me behind my back and scandalized my name. To Bishop G.E. Patterson, Founding Pastor of the Temple of Deliverance COGIC & Presiding Bishop of the COGIC for all the sermons he's preached that have touched my heart and benefited my ministry. I love you Bishop Patterson and R.I.G. (Rest In God). Last but not least, my dear friend and Personal Secretary, Ms. Thelma E. Washington, for dealing with my difficulties and standing beside me during the good and bad. May God continue to bless you all is my prayer.

Prophet K.J. Horton

2005-2007 RAW Ministries "Where God is uplifted and HOLINESS prevails"