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Real About Worship History

"God is a Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."

 -John 4:24


October 5, 2005 was the beginning of something new that was ordainded by God. Prophet Kortney Horton was led to have a prayer meeting at the home of Minister Corey Henderson. A couple of prayer meetings had been held previously. That particular night, the Holy Ghost filled that place. The anointing of God filled every person that was assembled. God delivered, set free and broke chains that were binding anyone. Real About Worship started with Minister Horton, Minister Henderson, Ms. Shannidia Williams, and Ms. Alicia Manning, not yet knowing that God had something predestined. God also sent another one of His servants, Minister Adrian Jones through Minister Henderson. It is growing just the way God wants it to grow and has been since October 5th. God is expanding our ministry even though the devil is trying his hardest to bring us down and destroy us, but he is already defeated in Jesus name. RAW is designed for worshippers who are for real when they worship God according to John 4:24, "God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." Both Minister Horton and Minister Henderson had ministries when they came together. Minister Horton's ministry was To Freedom From Bondage and Minister Henderson's was Divine Worship. Together they combined the two names and the meaning made a lot of sense. The meaning that they got was that the ministry was going to free the lost from their bondage so that they could divinely worship God and be for real about it. God works in mysterious ways and always has a ram in the bush. This ministry is going to follow God wherever He has for it to go. Thank God for divine appointment. There is no perfect ministry. Some things happened and Minister Henderson and Minister Jones resigned from their positions. God had other appointments for them to do. Minister Henderson was a help to Prophet Horton but not once did he give up or give in. God sent Elder David. A. Reese of Youngstown, Ohio, the Future Senior Pastor of New Life Temple Worship Center, Inc. shortly after Minister Henderson resigned and he took the filled the position of Asst. Presiding Prelate of RAW Ministries Intl. Prophet Horton later spoke to Minister Jones and he also resigned. The same day God sent Prophet Anthony L. Lott of Tyler, TX and Prophet Calvin McDonald Jr. of North Carolina. God later on spoke to Prophet Horton and told him, "I said in my word that I will never leave you nor forsake you" and that He always has a ram in the bush. He knew that I couldnt do it all alone so he sent more help. Rev. Tyrone Alexander of Colorado, Rev. Jerrico Martin of Oklahoma and they serve faithfully in RAW Ministries Intl. The devil tried to destroy friendship between Prophet Horton and Minister's Henderson and Jones but it didnt work that way. They are STILL friends and brothers in the Lord. What God has joined together, let NO man, NO devil, NOBODY put asunder!

2005-2007 RAW Ministries "Where God is uplifted and HOLINESS prevails"