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Real About Worship Ministries International

Assistant Presiding Prelate & N.E. Overseer

Our Chief Presiding Prelate & Founder
Assistant Presiding Prelate & N.E. Overseer
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Elder David A. Reese

Asst. Presiding Prelate


Elder D.A. Reese was born in Youngstown, Ohio to the parentage of Mr. Robert and Evie Reese. He attended Mary Haddow Elementary, Harding Elementary, Hayes Jr. High, North Jr. High, and he is a 2002 graduate of The Rayen School. Currently he attends YSU for a degree in Information Technology. He is an associate minister at the Christ Dwelling Place Ministry, Inc. where Evangelist Alice Bell Parkman is Pastor. He was saved at age 7, began preaching at age 11 and was also liscensed at age 11. He has been in ministry for the past 11 years. Elder Reese carries two anointings; the prophetic and the apostolic. He founded Youth Outreach Ministries Intl with his brother in the ministry, Prophet Greg E. Heflin, the Senior Pastor & Founder of Fresh Manna Intl Ministries. So it is with great pleasure I give to you the Senior Overseer & Founder Youth Outreach Ministries Intl & Word of the Spirit Ministries of Youngstown, OH. He is engaged to Brenda A. Pulliam a date has been set for August 23, 2008


Asst. Presiding Prelate of RAW Ministries Intl.

Under the anointed leadership Of Prophet Kortney J. Horton, Presiding Prelate

Future Senior Pastor of New Life Temple Worship Center, Inc.


Elder David A. Reese

2005-2007 RAW Ministries "Where God is uplifted and HOLINESS prevails"